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Scale Review - September 2004

Congratulations to Jeff Stubbers, from Issaquah, Washington. He Placed 1st in the UNW Point Championship Series for the 2004 season using MAC 67 power.

With one more race to go, Jeff has already clinched the Series Championship in UNW (Unlimiteds Northwest).
"Thanks to the powerful performance and reliability of the MAC 67, I've been able to consistently power my 1/8th scale unlimited hydroplane to finish after finish. People often ask me about my setup and I tell them it's quite simple - 'Go with CMDi's engines and hardware.' I run a MAC 67, AB needle valve, AB67 pipe and Andy Brown propellers. CMDi from front to back! This combo has proven to be both consistent and powerful for me for years."

In addition to that accomplishment, it also looks like he'll be placing 4th overall in RCU (Radio Controlled Unlimiteds).
"RCU still has 2 races left, but with the confidence I have in my MAC 67, I feel I will be able to keep my position.

With effectively 2 seasons of racing in just one year on the same bearings and not needing to replace any other parts in the MAC engine is quite impressive to me."


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