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Race Report - February 2006

CMDI salutes the drivers of the Twin Outrigger Class, who supported the Grand Prix Classic as an exhibition class for the event. CMDI has participated as a sponsor of the event since it's inception and we were happy to support this spectacular event once again.

The Grand Prix Classic is a premier racing event that has kicked off the west coast racing season for the past 4 years. It focuses on providing it's race participants with an acceptional race experience, while making extra efforts to promote our sport in the community, media and local legislature. Each year the event staff chooses a fund raiser to donate proceeds generated from the race.

The drivers of the Twin class, sporting all Eagle SG and SGX hulls along with Mac 67s and 84s, came together to put on an awesome display of speed and showmanship for the community and media of Fremont, CA., promoting the sport and bringing it's awareness to the main stream. The event attracted three newspapers and hundreds of spectators on each day of the event.

There is nothing like six twin outriggers and 12 high reving Mac engines making a run for the start. Many of the heats where barn stormers with an acceptional heat posted by Mike Hughes and Alfred Lanza. In a 1 mile six lap heat race the two awesome drivers exchanged the lead three times. At the end of the event Mike Hughes emmerged on top with Mark Wright and Alfred Lanza placing second and third respectively.

CMDI commends the efforts of the Grand Prix Classic, the drivers of the Twin Outrigger class along with all the participants of the event. It is this type of effort that stimulates the growth of our sport and we are truly greatful.

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