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Eagle SGX (improving on success)

CMD Racing is proud to announce the new 2003 Eagle SGX. If it is possible to improve on 126 mph and several national title and World Champion performances...We did! Although our Eagle SG had tremendous success on the race circuit, our un-dying pursuit for perfection allowed us to find room for improvement.

We have refined shapes and angles to enhance the performance. The Eagle SGX is also lower in profile and the booms are spread wide, front to back, for reduced flex and increased fuel capacity. The overall handling is much better and easier to trim. We continue to construct our hulls of Klegecell foam, Birch and Poplar plywood, Maple and Composite Fiber materials as well as upgrading to Okume plywood for the most versatile performance considerations. Over 17 years of designing and building Outriggers, continues to give us the experience to build the lightest, strongest, and fastest outriggers available in the world today.

"Andy and John,
Needless to say I got my boat today.
All I can say is I've never seen such a quality part in my boating years. It's so nice I think I'll run in lane 12 so nobody will hit it ( ya --fat chance )...



Eagle SGX - 80% Hull:
The center section is built and decked. All sponsons and wings are built. The 7075-T6 turnfin is sharpend. Drilled and tapped motor mount system, cowling and detailed instructions are included.

Eagle SGX - 90% Hull:
pic1 | pic2
Same as 80% Hull plus; all sponsons are mounted. Motor mount, antiwalk strut, and shaft tube are mounted and aligned. Radio box cover and cowling are also fitted.

Eagle SGX - Ready-to-Paint:
(Following pictures are of a ready-to-paint 45 Eagle SGX)
front view | top rear no cover | top middle no cover | front no cover
mixture no cover | side mixture | turn fin | turn fin bottom
front boom at tank | rear wing | transom | air intake | aft bottom
pipe bracket
Ready to Paint-
This version is completely built. All hardware is supplied and the hull is completely rigged. Third channel mixture control and Stainless Steel tank with internal hopper tank is included. This version is set up for proper sponson attack angle and correct strut setting prior to leaving our factory. Supply us with your engine, pipe, and servo information and we will return an SGX that is ready to paint and race.

Completely painted hulls are available on a very limited basis.

Paint Schemes
Red Rocket | White Heat | Orange Burst | Blue Flame

Eagle SGX - Speed Wagon:
pic1 | pic2
Are you looking for the best in racing equipment but lack the mechanical now how or experience to quickly achieve the racing results your hoping for? You may be a seasoned R/C Car Racer or a Pro at R/C Plane manuevers. But now the Wet and Wild action of R/C boating has your blood boiling. If this is you, perhaps your ready to jump into high speed boat racing with both feet. If this is the case let us present the Eagle SGX Speed Wagon. This boat not only comes complete just as the Ready to Paint option, but it comes complete with a Roger Hooks, Jr. Signature paint scheme and test session by Andy Brown himself. If your an R/C pro and you don't want to waste valuable race time trying to find the right set-up then get an Eagle SGX Speed Wagon.

Roger, Jr. has been racing 11cc Hydro since he was 12 years old. Since then he has won several High Point Championships and many National Championships, but even with all of his success, he says he has never driven a boat so fast or handled as well as the Eagle SGX Speed Wagon.

Parts & Price List:
CLICK HERE to open our price list for the Eagle SGX, and components. To view our price list, you must have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader installed on your computer system. If you do not have it installed, CLICK HERE to download it FREE.
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